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"We are grounded in an aesthetic relationship and dialogue between two elements that are ever present in the world around us: function and form."



There's only one you, so shouldn't your bag measure up to that? At Rafael Adón it starts with your story and begins with our stitch. 


Story & Stitch is a face-to-face human-centered methodology at the heart of our bespoke services. It is part story-telling methodology and part art and design. Story & Stitch guides us to uncover your lifestyle characteristics and the qualities you desire in a handbag and then build it. We then design and build a luxury bag that's made-to-measure just for you.


Rafael Adón is a design house located in Santa Barbara, California specializing in made-to-measure luxury leather bags and accessories.


Metáforros' provenance is from metáfora,

the Spanish word for metaphor. Metaphors

are carriers of meaning, holding different visions for all of us. They tell our stories.


It is this philosophy that focuses the

creation of our bags and wares. Metáforros

are answers to a sensual yearning for a

connection; the feel of supple texture and 

scent of leather— and a visual appeal to timeless artisanal design.


We believe that the places you inhabit and

the artifacts you surround yourself with are your story-tellers. And they deserve the

finest of carriers.


We handcraft our Metáforros in our Àtelier Rafael Adón, located in Santa Barbara, California




Ralph Córdova

Designer & Founder